Pascale Monvoisin Bowie Nº1 Necklace

Pascale Monvoisin
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14 carats pink gold chain
9 carats pink gold pendant
925 silver


Length 54 cm adjustable to 50 cm (21.25", adjustable to 19.6")
Medallion 1,5 x 1,5 cm (5/8" x 5/8")

Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity from Pascale Monvoisin.

Parisian jewelry designer Pascale Monvoisin creates her jewelry like an artist paints a masterpiece, with subtle, nuanced touches and no fear of imperfections. For Pascale, beauty is born in irregularity, imperfect symmetry, and the mark of the human hand. Antique jewelry is an integral part of her world. She admires their lines, colors, and their patient structural work.

In the world of Pascale Monvoisin, colors have a gentle, distinctive patina. The designer loves monochromes and muted shades. She spontaneously moves towards colors that please her, without worrying about classic beauty standards. The common denominator is gold: a trusted, stable, comforting metal.