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Park City Soy Candle

"Once upon a time" is the traditional way to begin a fairy tale, but when it comes to telling stories about Park City, we couldn't decide between "in a magical place where the mountains are covered by champagne powder" or "in a distant land magic snow...
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Super Ego Terrific Scented Candle

Bold, daring and seductive, Superego Terrific Scented Candle is inspired by great travel writings, the kind that transports, transforms and makes you dream of something more. Saffron, black leather and oud make for an intoxicating base, while passion...
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Verb Terrific Scented Candle

A dynamic scent inspired by the frank, action-oriented prose of American authors from Ernest Hemingway to Kurt Vonnegut, masters of transmitting emotion without over-adornment. The Verb fragrance bursts forth with fresh notes of bergamot, mandarin and...